Australian Strawberry Industry Saved With This One Surprising Ingredient


I totally love those clickbait headline. I never take the bait, but I try and guess what it is that has melted away kilos of fat or made some nanna look 19 again. This whole strawberry needle business, its a debacle. My mind strays to the trillions we spend on defense, and the massive gaps we have in simple things like protecting our food supply chains, and clearly the devastating consequences that food tampering has for growers and families. The images of those tonnes of strawberries being dumped spoke volumes about the reactive response to a situation that these issues trigger and broke many a heart, including mine. 

I don't like strawberries much. There. i've said it. I had an accident in my late teens where I smacked my head hard on the pavement. The impact severed my taste nerves and there were certain things that I would eat that were truly hideous. Strawberries and mint being the key offenders. It all got better, but I never regained my love of strawberries  But, I love farmers and producers, and I decided to try and move past my strawberry issues to support them by eating as many as I could. I smashed into a few punnets, and then had one of those genius moments. Like when they discovered fire, or the Internet.

I was chopping up a stack of strawberries to blend with coconut yoghurt for a light dessert. I wanted to mix with some icing sugar, but didn't have any. I remembered I had a stack of packets of whiz fizz in the cupboard (nothing to see here) and then, the magic happened - I realised that I could abandon my dessert efforts and level up - into a sherbet driven late 90's daiquiri homage that would please even the saddest of strawberry farmer. As former never Australian Prime Minister Peter Costello would say, “have one for mum, and one for day, and one for the country.”

Boom. I give you, the Strawberry Whiz Fizz Daiquiri

Ingredients for four serves:

I cup Bacardi Rum

3/4 cup lime juice

2 punnets strawberries

5 packets whiz fizz

6 strawberry halves

6 slices of lime

Let's DO This!

1. Chop strawberries in pieces, mix 4 packets of whiz fizz with the strawberries and once they are well combined, freeze.

2. Blend the frozen strawberries, lime juice and Bacardi in a high powered blender.

3. Rim glasses with final packet of Whiz Fizz

4. Serve with a strawberry and lime garnish

5. Love farmers, and yourself. Not in moderation

Polly McGee