Hot Spiced Apple Tea


When I was catering for the visit by FPMT Buddhist legend Lama Zopa Rinpoche recently, the team had to come up with creative ideas for delicious hot drinks to keep the punters warm inside and out. One of the recipes we made involved some absolutely delicious fresh crushed apple juice from local organic producer Our Mates Farm with fresh ginger, and spices, heated up until all of the aromatics blended together. It was a massive hit with the punters, and we were completely addicted to it in the kitchen. Kinda like a blonde gluvein or mulled cider, this is awesome on its own, or it could be kicked up the adult scale with a tot of spiced rum or bourbon. Reuse the ginger and spices for your next batch - I guarantee one will not be enough!


1 large pot, you could also use a crock pot or a slow cooker.


2L quality local apple juice

4 sticks cinnamon

Peel and juice of one lemon

10 cloves

1 large knob of fresh young ginger, sliced.


1. Place all ingredients into a large pot or crock pot.

2. Bring to a gentle simmer and let the spices release their flavour.

3. Strain into rustic mugs.

4. Sigh with happiness on the inside.


Polly McGee