Hot AF.

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Chili oil. I became totally addicted to it in China where you find it on every table in some grotty jar or another. It's so delicious, and while there are some fancy versions that you can make, this is my quick and dirty go to, because you want to be stuffing this sucker IN YOUR FACE on pretty much anything that doesn't move fast, not tinkering with a million ingredients. I'm giving you a big recipe as, well, see previous sentences, so you will need a clean one litre jar ready to go once you've finished mixin the fixins.


700g dried chili flakes (from a reputable Asian grocer so they are fresh and hot)

1 L peanut or other vegetable oil

1 knob of garlic, chopped fine (if you aren't a garlic lover, leave this out)

2T Massel chicken style powder

1T sugar

4T sea salt flakes


1. Heat oil and gently fry garlic until it is just beginning to turn gold, any further and it will get bitter.

2. Take oil off heat and mix in all other ingredients until they are well combined.

3. Put in jar, and spoon over everything.

4. See? SIMPLES!


Polly McGee