A Little Crumpet for yo Momma!


True story - when I was a little kid, I thought that when you switched the kettle on and it started making a noise, it was boiled. This was in the days when kettles weren't automatic, well ours wasn't, and so from my perch on a chair so I could reach the bench, I would make a pot of tea for mum and wake her up with it. It was only years later I realised how many tepid weird cups of tea were never mentioned and discreetly put down the sink ha ha ha. Let's talk breakfast in bed and the perfect way to show yo momma you love her to bits.

Mmmmmmmm. Crumpets. Not those weird trashy ones from the supermarket, but golden brown fresh treats with an abundance of holes for melty butter to slide into. What mother wouldn't want to wake up to that at a reasonable hour along with a hot cup of tea and a big serve of 'I love you'. I always thought crumpet making was hard and a fiddle. Its pretty simple, and my cheat for making them perfect every time is to use a single egg pan, which my very own momma gave to me randomly. It doesn't get used for eggs but it sure gets a workout for making crumpets! I'm fully in love with vegan cultured butter at the moment, and these crumpets are magic with LOTS of butter, and a delicious preserve of her choice. 


Non-stick single egg pan or crumpet rings well greased and a non stick pan.


1 3/4 cup plain flour
1 tsp yeast
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
1 1/2 cups nondairy milk, at room temperature

Let's DO This!

1. In a medium bowl, sift together the flour, yeast, salt and baking powder.

2. Make a well in the center of the bowl and pour in the nondairy milk. Whisk together until the batter is thick, smooth, and creamy.

3. Cover with a damp towel and set aside for about an hour somewhere warm. It should be puffy and full of air bubbles.

4. If you are using the single egg pan, heat up and wipe with vegan butter or olive oil. If using rings, heat up a non stick frying pan with little bit of vegan butter or oil in the pan.

5. If using the crumpet rings, oil then leave in the pan to heat up, as many as will fit.

6. Once both the pan and/or ring(s) are hot, spoon a few tablespoons of the batter into the ring.

7. Cook for about 5 minutes. Like a pancake, bubbles will form and start to pop. At that point, flip and/or push out of the ring.

8. Cook on the other side for another minute or two and repeat with the rest of the batter, oiling the ring(s) each time. The crumpets are done when they are a light golden brown.

9. Serve on a tray with flowers, a perfect cup of tea, and lashings of vegan butter and her favourite jam. Oh wait - you're her favourite jam!

Polly McGee