Daigaku Imo - University Potatoes

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Imagine salty deep fried potatoes and your favorite toffee had a baby. That’s right, you’ve just imagined university potatoes. A speciality of Japan, I first had these in Tokyo from the basement of a massive department store. Salty and sweet, they are the perfect snack, and clearly the best food to get you through university, or any day of the week!

400g white sweet potato (with purple or white skin)
4 tbsp. raw sugar
1/2 tsp. soy sauce
1/2 tsp. vinegar or lemon juice
2 tsp. toasted black sesame seeds
8 tbsp. cooking oil

Let’s DO This!
1. Wash the sweet potato with the skin, cut into bite-size pieces, soak in water for 5 minutes to remove starch and prevent stop oxidation. Drain well and remove excess water with paper towels.
2. Heat oil in shallow frypan, when hot, add potatoes and keep moving until they are tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. You can also deep fry or air fry if you have one handy.
3. Add sugar, soy sauce, vinegar or lemon juice to a pan and heat until the sugar melts. Coat the sweet potatoes, tossing till they are covered, sprinkle with black sesame seeds and serve straight away. Warning: fingers and mouths may be burned in the feeding frenzy.

Polly McGee