Some of today’s awesome deliciousness from the world of veganized treats. This baby is a total pantry staple, and super simple to make with any form of blender (or by hand if you have muscles and stamina!) hey pesto!

For your own jar of yum you need a bunch of fresh basil, large handful of raw baby spinach, a handful of raw cashews, juice of a lemon, 2 cloves of garlic roughly chopped, salt and pepper to taste.

Whiz that up with olive oil until it is the consistency you want, and use on anything from pizza bases to pasta to salad dressing. If you like it cheezy, then add some vegan parmesan or some nutritional yeast to the mix ( mine has definitely had a cheeze wand waved over it).

While the basil is going crazy in the summer sun this is a perfect time to get some staples bottled up for the winter. If you want to know more about my approach to being vegan and the delicious kind of eating, I journaled about it at 

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