Good Hustler: Grace Williams || Citizen


I met Grace Williams when  I was at the ABC helming Northern Drive, and she was a student in her final years of high school. To say I was blown away by her presence was an understatement, as even then she had poise, purpose, an articulation of her world that was powerful, and a drive to do, be, and make better.

The memory of her presence stayed with me, until we were happily reunited this year when she keynoted the Tasmanian Leaders Program graduation that I was MCing. Grace did grace on stage that night, to a standing ovation. Her words were humble and provocative, without compromise on the call to action, but with great compassion.

Wherever Grace is in the world, I want to be somewhere nearby, just hanging in her halo.

 1. Describe your business in one powerful sentence.

 ‘Citizen: Creating A Society That Upholds Human Rights.

2. How do you integrate service to others in your business model?

Citizen creates reflective community spaces to discuss human rights issues and challenges. Through storytelling we build capacity within communities to engage with human rights abuses and challenges.

3. What were some of the highlights and lowlights of your journey to where you are now?

The highlights of my journey was bringing our first documentary to the world which featured the lives of 10 Tasmanians from diverse backgrounds and their personal human rights stories.

The low-lights was figuring out how to build an effective governance structure to insure longevity and sustainability within the organisation, that is hard, and it still is hard.

4. Do you have a spiritual practice?

My spiritual practice consists of prayer and meditation. Speaking blessings over the world and the lives of my loved and unloved ones.

5. Advice for others who want to start their own good hustle?

My advice to anyone wanting to start a Good Hustle is make sure your intentions are pure, that you have critically reflected on the impacts of your work on the world but most importantly be passionate about what you do, because true dedication arises from passion.

 Yeah. She got this and you need to get with the Grace program, wherever you can.


Polly McGee