Good Hustler: Erin Forwood || Limited Collective


Fashion. It’s a pretty bitter pill that right about now is one of the primary contributors to global waste and human rights violations. Enter Erin Forwood. Sassy waste assassin and fashionista who is going to have her cape and wear it too, without destroying the planet. When Erin founded Limited Collective, she set out on a mission to change our behavior around fast fashion, remodeling or using materials from waste to create innovative one off street wear that you will never want to part with. Erin is one of those humans who light up a room, make everyone feel invincible and make you believe the world can be a better place. When she’s in it – it for definitely is. This is her bomb ass take on life…

“I have known that I wanted to make a difference in this world since I was 9. I knew that I would have my own company. And I've made every effort to get to right now. I've been interning in the fashion industry since I was 13 years old and have worked for some wonderful fashion houses in Sydney. Half way through my second diploma I realized how much clothing was being thrown away every year. When I saw that hundreds of thousands of tons of where they were being thrown away a landfill every year, I knew that I had to do something. I saw this as an untapped resource. 

I spent 6 years talking to my target market about what they wanted. I wanted to know what would make them keep an item or the throwing it away. I figured out what features they wanted and how they wanted to feel in it. I started collecting clothing and material. I accumulated vast amounts of material between houses and between boyfriends (ex boyfriends) and when everyone told me I was crazy I didn't listen because I knew that it would make a difference. “

1. Describe your business in one powerful sentence.
Limited Collective is an inclusive streetwear label efficiently using second hand and off cut materials. 

2. How do you integrate service to others in your business model?

 We make it easier for people to donate their unwanted clothing at the end of it life, with no cost to the consumer. We also want to make sure that every gender, race, sex and sexual orientation feels included in our mission of reducing textile pollution. 

3. What were some of the highlights and lowlights of your journey to where you are now?

 Lunch at New York Fashion Week has been our biggest highlight so far. But most highlights come everyday in the small insignificant moments. The smiles on the faces of people we share a story with. Being able to save tons of material from landfill. The highlights accumulate over time. 
There are always low points of being a entrepreneurs. Almost every day I have doubts. Every week There are moments when I ask myself if I'm doing the right thing or going the right direction. I've had 3 attempts at this business already. 

4. Do you have a spiritual practice?

Sometimes it can be difficult to remember WHY in all of the darkness. In these moments of time I make sure that I go for a walk with my dog, I'll put my roller skates on, go grab my skateboard and get outside. I practice mindful meditation. Each week I will ask my partner and friends with the highlight of their week was, what the low point of that week was and what they are grateful for. I make sure to show gratitude for even the smallest things in my life almost everyday.

I also try and make the method of my work a form of meditation. From the cutting of the material to the photography. I do this to make sure that I'm not looking forward to the good moments and not looking for happiness but finding happiness and every action that I do each day.

When am I pushed forward with my business I cut out meat products and most dairy products. I found that if I wasn't consuming the feel of the factory found animals that I wouldn't be fearful in my actions. Having this more conscious Choice with everything that I eat has made me live with more purpose.  

5. Advice for others who want to start their own good hustle?

You are going to feel like you are crazy. You are not going to feel 'normal'. But people don't remember the 'normal'!  Write down your WHY every week. Refine it and Define it. Dream much bigger than you are now. Ask for more money and don't be afraid to say the crazy goals. Set any goal and don't be afraid to change it or adapt it. The first step is setting the goal.

Also know when it's time for a cup of tea and know when it's time for a glass of wine.

There's no wrong time when it's right for you. I have had tea at 3am and wine at 12pma few times hahaha.  


Polly McGee