Good Hustlers: Nikki Medwell || Bed and Broccoli

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If there is one thing i've learned, it is that there are good hustlers everywhere. Sometimes they find you, other times you find them, and the path to that collision is never planned or paved. There is a particular feeling I get sometimes where I see or hear something that pricks up my ears and prickles my neck and demands me to reach out and connect, even if so often it is cold calling with a 'hello I love you' and hoping the message is transmitted clearly! Nikki Medwell from Bed and Broccoli is one of those beautiful hero hustlers that came to me from a random google search.

I had a hankering for a vanilla slice and was looking for a recipe to veganise. In my search, I came across a recipe linked to a blog called Bed and Broccoli. Intrigued by the name and by the quality of the recipes, I clicked on through and found myself at Australia's first vegan bed and breakfast AND animal sanctuary. Clearly, this was my kinda place. The more I read, the more excited I was, this place was 100% set up on good hustle principals, with lots of faith, leaps of it, and the hand of 'do it NOW' guiding some divine timing in the choices Nikki and her partner Scott made to get Bed and Broccoli up. 

Elizabeth Gilbert in 'Big Magic' talks about how ideas come to you, but you have no ownership of them, and if you don't action, they will land elsewhere until the right breeding ground to execute is found. I had only this year seriously considered a creating a plant based residential retreat and yoga studio, looked at a couple of venues, but decided that while the market was totally ripe to provide vegan travelers with a total compassion based accommodation and food option, it wasn't right for me right now. Bed and Broccoli is all that and more, the more being an amazing sanctuary for animals, and Nikki's campaig for education about Australian native animals which is another awesome story in itself and you can read about that here.

Of course I emailed - to say that I had just made the best vanilla slice of my life, and also that everything she did set my world on fire and would she be one of the good hustle gallery of goodness. Not only did Nikki say yes, in the mail arrived a beautiful hardback vegan cookbook full of her recipes and the stories of the property and their lovely animals. One of the themes as you read Nikki's responses to my questions is about living by example. Nikki is a genuinely kind, humble, compassionate activist who lives by her values and sprinkles a little of that Bed and Broccoli magic wherever she goes. Oh and when you start that vegan dog kennel Nikki - I have some furry family that would love to come!

1. Describe your business in one powerful sentence. 

Our business is about living by example.

2. How do you integrate service to others in your business model? 

To live by example is to welcome people & make them feel part of what we have here. We take in unwanted, abused, rescued & orphaned animals & offer them forever homes & for the wildlife, rescue, rehabiliate, raise & release. To extend our reach further than to our guests we offer kind recipes on social media & our website, send random gifts to followers and have a program in primary schools around the world educating children on the kangaroo. We have also produced a cook book that tells stories on our transition to a vegan lifestyle that encourages people to tread lightly when they start their new journey so they are not hard on themselves. 

We have always been about having 'enough' & freely spreading surplus around so people can see the beauty in kindness and thus; living by example.

3. What were some of the highlights and lowlights of your journey to where you are now? 

The highlight is the perpetual light that has never extinguished during our journey from people that have never doubted us. That have always supported the animals by keeping us propped up. True animal lovers see only the animal & the good being done for them.

The lowlights is the tall poppy syndrome that is alive & well in Australia but we have learnt to sweep it into the dark corner with the rest of the miserables that call themselves animal lovers with dark agendas. As my father often tells me; "The secret of strength is always in the quiet mind" 

4. Do you have a spiritual practice?

I consider myself an eclectic witch. Raised as a spiritualist it wasn't hard to move into this area where I feel most comfortable. I heal & communicate with the earth & the animals. From seeking advice & guidance from the trees, spending time with elementals, card readings, healing (both absent & hands on) & have recently completed a course in Animal Communication. As for drum banging - I have always danced to my own tune. No-one else's.

5. Advice for others who want to start their own good hustle? 

Think outside the square! This is really important. Too many people buy into a business & change nothing whilst others simply copy others. It is important to brand your business with who you are. Bring your energy to the table & if starting from scratch, think of a business that is rare or doesn't exist. Like a vegan kennels for dogs!!! 

Polly McGee