The Eight Limbs of Yoga

Yoga isn’t an action or a doing, it is a way of being, and really, our true nature of self. Yoga is NOT something that is practiced a few times a week in order to relax, increase flexibility, or to get a ‘yoga body’, while these are the side effects of yoga; they are not the main game of having a yogic life. Yogic life IS life, it is a daily practice that slides us gently towards a clear seeing unity with our own divinity, our internal beauty and understanding that we are all made of infinite possibility, and all one.

To unpack yoga in all its glories, I am going to do a mini series of the eight limbs of yoga, attributed as being written by the sage Patanjali. Patanjali however always maintained the eight limbs were a work in progress, to be contributed to by yogis across the ages, and evolved as we evolve.  Stay tuned each week for the eight limbs to unfold, and you with them.

Polly McGee