The Limbs of Yoga: Non-Violence

The Yamas
The first two limbs of Patanjali’s yoga sutras are broken into two distinct sub branches: the Yamas and Niyamas. These are significant bodies of work themselves and simply mastering the first element of the Yamas could be the magnificent work of a lifetime. The five Yamas are the first component of the eight limbs Yoga, these Yamas are how you behave in the world, also known as universal laws of nature respected everywhere and are externally facing, rather than the five Niyamas which are more internal and how you are with yourself and your mind.

Non Violence (Ahimsa) Non Violence (Ahimsa) means to NOT cause pain or harm to all living creatures, either by thought, word, intention or action. Ahimsa necessitates harmless mind, mouth, and hands. The purpose of Ahimsa is to spread love and compassion towards all living creatures – this includes the self, one of our main areas of harm, so this week, create a mindful practice where you observe your own self chatter – are you causing harm, or causing love towards you? Mastering self love and compassion is the key to truly loving all other sentient beings, who are just like you.

Polly McGee