Ladies Who Launch: Emily Hassett || Spirited Seeker Studio

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Emily is such a divine force of nature, that there is no need for me to do anything more than acknowledge that more often than we think, we meet people randomly who are perfectly timed to shimmy into our lives and stay there. She provides me with a constant source of inspiration through her her transparent, vulnerable posts as she travels the world touching lives and being sassy. I'll let Em tell you the rest of the story...

"Polly herself was actually the instigator for my soulpreneur life.

We sat side by side almost every day for two months in a sweaty, non-air conditioned office/hippie hangout/library/storage room that beamed a bright mural of Krishna creating content for the ashram we were undertaking our yoga training at.

I thank all my constellations for Polls’ ability to inspire the kick up the arse I needed to embody the tech-savvy, spirit-powered, fierce freedom leader I had in me. After I completed my yoga training, I spent the next 2 solid years wandering. Darting between continents chasing adventure, my new attitude went from ‘I’ll never sustain this lifestyle...’ to ‘How can I combine my skills to serve others AND generate enough cash to keep my wanderlust satiated?’. I birthed my brand, Spirited Seeker Studio, from the hammock of a cosy cabin overlooking the NZ coast and She’s been breathing ever since - sometimes struggling for air, sometimes barely exhaling, but She’s alive and she’s an extension of me, and She’s evolving every damn day."

1. Describe your business in one powerful sentence.

Website Alchemy + Content Creation {without The BS}.. Bringing Your Brand To Life So You're Free To Play In Your Zone Of Genius.

2. How do you integrate service to others in your business model?

When it comes to circulating my money, I always think: your dollar is your voice. So I get my veg from the farmers. I invest in my psychology instead of my hairdo. I support brands who align with giving back instead of buying my shit from Kmart (although let’s be real, I loved a cheeky trip while starting from the ground up when I moved back to Australia this year). I prioritise my people and put my money toward what uplifts them, so they can shine brighter and be of service to others as a result. I’m very conscious of where my money goes because I do believe that we get to create a new world with the choices we make. Also, it’s been a real blessing to connect my epic network of change makers to each other so THEY can create and collaborate, influencing a wider audience than I have access to.

3. What were some of the highlights and lowlights of your journey to where you are now?

I think wading through the core beliefs about money and self worth have been the most consistent themes. Hustling for the Good beckons you to open wide, to step forward in to the biggest being you can be - and truth is - most of us stay small and scared. To me, my business and my soul, relationships, lifestyle and money are all intertwined, so the biggest challenges were when I wanted to just peace out in to the adventure awaiting but would have commitments to clients (uh yeah, responsibility is a big one for me), and staying cool in the uncertainty of unstable income while living in expensive, western countries. Oh! Slow WIFI. Seriously. I’ve been frustrated by that at least 538 times.

The highlight reel is a human AF dedication to living in alignment: not just unicorns, mountain peaks and cheesy grins, but the grit, the courage, the discipline and the ickiness it takes to really live by your truth - things like setting boundaries with clients when I thought I was meant to say yes to everything, losing sleep over the fear I wasn’t grinding hard enough (fuck you, Gary Vee) or accidently (and hilariously) attaching a screenshot of a pleasure wand order to a business email..and sending it.

The constant feeling of freedom is my drug, and I totally own that I’ve set my life up to support that need. And that feels pretty effing good.

Quick and dirty highlights: staying in a 5 star luxury glamping tent in Bali in exchange for a blog post, moving to Canada on a whim without owing anyone two weeks notice, the expansive feeling of no limit to how much money I could generate for the projects I’m passionate about creating, bringing life to the visions of humans I wholeheartedly believe in, teaching yoga on a retreat in Spain, facilitating women's circles alongside a woman I deeply admire, meeting (and becoming friends with) humans who feel like home that I never ever would have seen myself worthy of sharing a table with, saying yes to shit that excites me and big fat no’s to that which doesn't - because I now feel like I am the powerful creator of my life, and that is the sweetness of it all.

4. Do you have a spiritual practice?

Meditation in the AM, daily, except when I’m feeling particularly rebellious. I also am devoted to keeping the evenings of the New and Full Moon sacred, where I ritually reflect, evoke appreciation, look at my money and light some palo santo to clear anything I’m holding on to. I’m all about living intentionally, and while I check in daily with my core desired feelings through how I map out my day and what I create space for, those 2 nights per month are purely for planting seeds of possibility and feeling in to the expansion that is required of me to uplevel. Plus, I just feel this ancient turn on that activates when I make room for ritual, it feels very grounded and witchy.

5. Advice for others who want to start their own good hustle?

Start where it feels like it makes sense. So many of us get caught up in the overwhelm of perfection, and business is the god damn best personal development course of them all that will teach you quick-smart that chasing perfection is a losers game. Ponder: what comes naturally to me? What skills do I have that others seek me out for? What lifestyle do I really crave? Get real about how much money you actually need to thrive, write it down, list your skills, jot down 3-5 words of how you most want to feel in your everyday experience and marry them all together. Start there.

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