Accidentally Vegan Street

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Remember that song, Accidentally Kelly Street by Frente? No? Must have only been on high rotation under my rock! Whenever I hear the word accidentally I always want to make it part of that song, so when I was searching for info on whether the Natural Sweet Company’s Sour Squirms were vegan, and came across the PETA website called Accidentally Vegan, I chorused ‘accidentally Vegan Street when taste and kindness don’t use meat.’

Hilarious. My talent remains unrecognised. Surprisingly.

But a digression from this journal, which is about how obsessive you need to be about label reading when first travelling down the compassion highway from the supermarket shelves into your mouth. I know, I know, there is a clear labelling win by just eating things our grandmas would recognise – apples, carrots, beans etc.

As someone who supplements their fresh and whole diet with a smattering of things that didn’t come out of the ground, especially when I’m on the run and travelling (or comfort eating in winter), it is great to know what you can pick up and purchase with impunity. Enter PETA. Love or hate their tactics when it comes to defending animal welfare, they are an organisation that has a passion for getting the world to realise that animals are sentient beings and are getting the rough end of the pineapple (definitely vegan but also painful.)

They have also put together a very extensive and helpful guide on what is accidentally vegan and quietly sitting on the supermarket shelves, waiting to be consumed. Thanks PETA.

Click here to get the down low on ALL. THE. FOODS so you don't accidentally stray off vegan street and into the world of ridiculous amounts of milk and cheese powder. And for the record, Sour Squirms are definitely not vegan, as they are basically sour GROUND HOOFS. Damn you major food processors who ruin everything by smashing animal products where no animal should ever go. Mmmm. Hello fresh apple.

Polly McGee