Good Hustler Magazine Spring 2018


Um, it’s October. WTFH!!! It would be easy just to assume that I’ve been in an induced coma and woken up and the year is nearly over, but my large size wall planner attests to so many of the days being filled in that its clearly a function of life rolling at pace.

But really, busy is the new response for everything isn’t it?

Verb, noun, adjective, other grammatical word. Whenever we ask, or are asked how we are, the response is ‘busy’. What does it mean, when busy is the thing that we aspire to be, and are proud to display to the world. What if we aren’t busy? Are we less? Are we not enough as when we are busy? Is it just the new code that we use to signal that our lives are racing past in a blur that can be summed up in a coverall of busyness.

Impersonal, non-committal, the question that precurses the response of busy is usually ‘How are you’ or ‘how have you been?’
It’s personal. It’s a moment where we can make a choice to be vulnerable and reveal our truths, or we can put on a smile and
say ‘busy’. I remember reading a book for women written in the fifties recommending they put on a clean apron and some lipstick before their husbands came home so they looked fresh and didn’t burden him with
any of the tedious minutie of their day and emotion. Is busy our contemporary lipstick and apron?

Let’s be less busy, and more present. More open, more vulnerable, more real with our conversations. When we show ourselves, we give permission for others to be met, seen, heard and held by us, to be connected and safe in who they are. And check in with your busy as we hurtle toward the festive excesses to make sure it’s not a tactic for avoiding coming back to you.

In the Spring edition of the mag (or Fall if you are a northern hemisphere hustler) we are looking at death and grief, taking the Good Hustle on an Australian roadshow, meeting some amazing women and their good hustles, deep diving into the eight worldly dharmas, smashing some delicious vegan treats and launching some Good Hustle merch that will put money in the fur pockets of some of our most vulnerable furry pals. Let’s DO it!

Love and good hustles!

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