There's Something about Polly

I’m Polly. I write, I speak, I teach. That’s my triple gem.

I write all kinds of things from books to blogs to training programs, with a central theme of how to fully engage with our complex beautiful lives and extract the maximum meaning and benefit from them. I’m a big fan of exchanging striving for being; helping you to identify what it is that gets you lit, and working with you as you illuminate your own path.

I speak to crowds big and intimate, sometimes on stage, other times tucked up in a podcast inside the interwebs or living it live in a social media stream. I shout it to the rooftops on all kinds of topics: compassion, kindness, yoga, business, gender, spirituality and sometimes all of these at once. Now that’s a mouthful.

I teach with passion, it’s my dharma and privilege to awaken awesome entrepreneurs on how to create sustainable heart-centred businesses in service to their customers; to teach aspiring yogis the yoga of business; and to work with organisations from corporates to social enterprises and peak bodies spreading the message of how to do their own good hustle.